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Restoration of the Basilica

Notre Dame du Rosaire

Notre Dame de Prouilhe

The Basilica Our Lady of the Rosary was built at the end of the XIXth century in Prouilhe, in the Diocese of Carcassonne, France. R. Father Frühwirth, master of the Order, called the Basilica  « one of the most beautiful in the South of France» as he was visiting the work in 1893. The techniques of construction were a challenge for that time.

The nave today

The Choir of the Nuns in  1950

The Choir of the Nuns and its crypt, which are the most ancient part of the Basilica, were constructed in 1865. lndeed Vicountess Jurien decided to build a monastery and the church of Our Lady in the place where Our Father St. Dominic founded the first community in 1207. Her generosity received the full agreement of R. Father Lacordaire who restored the Dominican Order in France. The works were stopped and the monastery was sold after Mrs Jurien’s death in 1878… One year later, the Dominicans Nuns of Nay, France, bought it. The plans were remade and they obtained the status of Basilica. The first stone was put in in 1886. This huge construction couldn’t be completed because of many events.

The Sanctuary, according to the project of F. Coello

The Choir, according to the project of F. Coello

Project and Mission

The aim of the project of Father Francisco COELLO, Dominican , architect in Madrid, is to restore the original concept and the mission of this neo-byzantine Basilica :
religious project : a place for celebrations of the Dominican Community (pilgrimages, gatherings) spiritual center (conferences, sessions , retreats)
 cultural project : artistic activities (concerts, expositions, meetings )
  3 phases are planed:
 - Choir and Sanctuary,
 - Nave , corridors,
 - Renewal of the crypts

The work in the Sanctuary, 15/07/08

The work in the Choir, 15/07/08

About the Work

The works began on the 05th of Feb. 2008.
 • All the false ceilings and the partitions (18 meters high) were removed in order to restore the original open spaces. .

• The floors of the Ancient Choir and the Sanctuary have been levelled.
 • New access to the crypts were created.
 • Reinforcement of the floor and cleaning of the walls of the corridors of the Sanctuary.
 • Twin ouvertures in the corridors
 • Elevator between the different levels.

One of the crypts

see more details about the works

The work in the Choir The work in the Sanctuary the work in the corridors
Repair of the roof creating an elevator Capitals in the Choir
Discovery of fresco access to the Choir Workers at Prouilhe



The amount of the first phase is of 2.600.000 euros.
Today, we have 750.000 euros.
All gifts will be accepted with gratitude.

The Eucharist is celebrated for our benefactors every month on the first Saturday.
 Thank you to all of you ! Your Sisters of Prouilhe